What we do


Artist Development

Artists are only as good as their recordings. We can help you become a competitive force in the music market, without breaking the bank while having a pleasant, stress free creative process. Doing this would involve:

  • Ensuring your songs has all of its basic elements right - from its melody to its structure, from its key to its tempo.

  • Coming up with the right arrangement for your songs, and involving session musicians where needed.

  • Bringing out the best out of your vocal performance.

  • Mixing and mastering to give your song that added depth and radio quality.


Band Recordings

We're providing full band recordings, our drum sound is top notch and we're equipped with vintage valve amps. 


Online Mixing / Mastering

An excellent option for artists who record at home but still need that extra bit of sheen. We can deliver top notch mixes using the best hybrid techniques (both analog and digital) to guarantee your song's sound will be out there with the greatest, no matter how expensive your recording equipment was. 

Email us your stems and your reference track using Wetransfer / Google Drive, and drop us a line for a price quote. Remember - every project is different so we can't offer a set rate, but we aim to keep our rates affordable to all musicians!