Should I go to a singing contest ?

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Should I go to a singing contest ?

Like it or not, in the past generation we have changed the way we discover music. In the past, we will probably pick up music is being played on the radio, MTV, recommendation for my best mates or simply go to a record store and browse till we hear (or even see! ) something that we like.

Nowadays, the main two platforms we discover music on our streaming services such as Spotify,  Apple Music, Tidal and many others, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and last but not least are singing contests such as X factor, Britain’s  Got Talent and many more.

No one can deny sheer influence these programs had over the public. They are probably the only way we can feel some kind of social mobility, and in other words: platform that could turn us to pop stars almost over night. 

If you set up your mind to audition for one of these shows, you should probably keep a few things in mind:

  1. Set your expectations: you’re about to audition against thousands of singers, some of them are truly incredible and experienced. Know that while you always have a chance, don’t let any result bring you down or stop your creativity.

  2. Prepare yourself for a tough day: long queues, impatient staff, inconvenient facilities and most of all - being overwhelmed by the amount of people trying to get a slot.  Enjoy the experienced but don’t let it affect you.

  3. Come prepared: the last thing you want is to make it all the way to the audition and then sing out of pitch, forget your lyrics or generally seem a bit unfocused. The judges on these shows are way to saturated with mass amounts of people to really give people a second and third chance.

  4. Give the judges something else: Admittedly, a lot of people can sing. It’s been proven on these shows. Don’t try to impress them just based on your voice, as they have seen and heard it all. Show them you’re an interesting personality, and most likely - you’re a real artist. It’s always more impressive to bring an original song, let alone an amazing one. This would prove you’re on the right path, regardless to any competition.

  5. If you do make it to later stage make sure you know it’s based on your musical talent, and not on an attempt to turn you into Simon Cowell’s next laughing stock. It sounds cruel but it is reality TV at the end of the day, and mocking weak contenders can attract viewers just as much as watching an amazing talent.

Following these, and no matter what happens you will either fly or bounce back. Now get into your writing mode :).

Development Vs. Instant Success


We’ve seen it all before. An unknown talented singer appears on our screens for the first time and within seconds captures our hearts and imagination. Could we do the same? Is it that hard? 

Trouble is, people tend to forget the difference between the being discovered and tagged as a potential talent, and having an actual career in music. After all, we are used to the format of TV shows that pick up people from the streets, heralds them as heroes for a minute and leave them forgotten minutes after the lights go off. 

But being a successful musician has a lot more to it and in this new blog we’re going to give some ideas and tips about then necessary steps and ideas that should accompany any artist in their path, no matter how far they’ve come. We’ll try to skip the obvious (we all know how to use Instagram, and if you don’t – start today!). But more importantly, we feel like there is a gap in the field of artist development out there, and we’re hoping to share some of our knowledge here, so stay tuned.